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Good stylist displays a good sense of style
Being or in accordance with the current fashion: downtown, edgy, funky; dapper, dashing, dressy,natty, rakish, sassy, saucy​

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“Why Not Rhinestones? absolutely nailed it! I told them what I wanted, told them how much I had to spend and they came back with a stunning Neklace for my wife prices are great the accessories are phenomenal great quality. Me and my wife was visiting family found this hidden treasure of a store.I won’t go anywhere else.


Harvey Hill,

Owner of Spotted Goose Children Store

​Cincinnati Ohio

What Customers Say About Us

Send pictures of at least three outfits you like with your name and date on them.  Day of event 

A personal stylist will contact you in 24 hours

Come in get fitted try on selective clothes

make your decision on favorite two

End-to-end project stylist has everything ready for pick

“I’ve worked in the retail business for years I know good quality when I see it I was suprise how fabulous the jewerly was in person, it was exactly like it looked on the website but better. I was really surprised how fair the prices were being in Silcon Valley, I got lost going to visit Why Not Rhinestones, ended right in the parking lot thinking stumbled right on it. The store was clean –I felt great just being in the Boutique great customer service, everyone was really nice and polite I couldn’t be happier!”


Jill Smithwick,

Owner of Shear Magic

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Choosing accessories, clothing for the first time in a new store can be scary we know. Relax! Why Not Rhinestones has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision of a perfect date or outing to life – on schedule and on a budget. 

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